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Down and Dirty With Friday 6 October 2010

Friday moved to the South Coast most recently from the North Willamette Valley, on a larger mission of reaching for just a little dream of farming in and for a small, coastal community.

For the last three years, Friday ran an Urban Farm in Portland, Oregon.  During that time, the following missions were largely accomplished:

  1. proving it could even be done from a horticultural and soils stand-point
  2. proving it could be profitable enough to live on
  3. experimenting with unusual methods of direct distribution and payment
  4. effectively utilizing recycled, scavenged and upcycled materials for agricultural use
  5. Achieve at least one significant seed crop bred for adaptiveness to the Far West
  6. Expodentially increase interest in professional Urban Farming from others, esp those 18-25
  7. Shake out some bone-headed mistakes on smaller “test” plots
  8. Increase media awareness of the potential crisis of food shortage in North American urban areas in the event of transport disruption

In those three years, 55 “fields” into production, sold to over 25 local restaurants and created Oregon’s only Farmers’ Market to accept barter as a matter of policy and the only one with strictly urban-grown produce.  Friday and a small, loose network of fellow Urban Farmers experimented with unique ways of making produce available to *anyone* who wants it, including “Name Your Own Price Sunday.”

See you soon,

Friday P


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Snoopy - A Very Silly Dog

Snoopy – A Very Silly Dog
Friday Shows the Legs that Make Food Happen
Friday shows-off the Legs that Make Food Happen