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Free soil testing at the B&B on Saturday, 21 May 20 May 2011

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You heard it here. Mirleen is having a fellow come in with enough soil kits to do a basic testing on soil samples.

Remember, take a grip of samples from “normal” areas of the space you’re testing. That means no holes or hills. Combine them up and put ’em in a little bag for analysis. We’ll have a bunch of our seed and some perennial herbs in 4″ pots for sale, along with cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli seedlings in the small and rather large size.

You can expect N and P to be super low and K to be rather low. That’s just what so much rain does to essential elements that just happen to be water mobile.

I don’t know if the fellow who’s testing will be checking for boron, but that’s one that folks with fruit trees and any woody perennials should pay attention to. Hard to apply if it’s deficient, but absolutely necessary for fruit growth and development.

I’m looking forward to getting some more seed out there. I’ve got 28 different things I’m bringing in, most of them food (as opposed to herbs or medicinals).

Check it out, Saturday from 8-3pm. Sillydog Farm seed is always for sale there, for the shockingly low price of $1.25 per packet. You should pick some up before I come to my senses.